ARTISAN Luxury door stopper / Silver & Walnut Wood

Metal Stainless Steel
Main Material Walnut Wood

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ARTISAN Door stopers - Beyond their aesthetic appeal, luxury door stoppers are engineered for effective door control. They are designed to prevent doors from slamming shut and causing damage, offering a quiet and controlled closing experience. Some models may include additional features such as soft-closing mechanisms or advanced materials to minimize noise.

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Are you a devoted design lover and a design addict? Well, look no further than ARTISAN, the hardware brand that ticks all the boxes.  

We have a goal of providing customized & luxury furniture harware that suits the consumer's athletic and aesthetic needs.

Simply Luxury Materials

Furniture jewellery With Marble

Marble adds great value to your home and is often the surface of choice if it’s luxury you want.

ARTISAN. is not just a furniture hardware,but also a beautiful piece of furniture jewellery.

marble hardware for furniture